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The January result caps off 12 months of strong price rises in Melbourne (11.8%) and Sydney (16%). Since June 2012, the cumulative increase in house prices has been 70.5%, according to the report. Clearly the Hobart housing market is now well into its growth cycle, Lawless said. Prices in Hobart rose 1.4% in January, 5.8% over the quarter, taking the annual increase to 7.8%. tugodi/Getty Images Skyscraper in Sydney Strong housing market conditions were being driven by affordable housing, improved economic conditions and stronger migration trends in Tasmania, he said. Perth and Darwin showed some signs of recovery over the quarter (2.8% and 1.8% respectively) but experienced further declines in January. Lawless said the quarterly rise suggested that the falls experienced there since the end of the mining boom in 2014 could have bottomed out. Buyers still have a great deal of leverage in these markets, with listing numbers remaining high, long selling times and high rates of discounting, he said. However, in another indication that conditions may be moving through the bottom of the cycle, transaction volumes moved higher across both markets prior to the seasonal downturn in December and January, whilst the average selling time reduced from previously higher levels. With economic and demographic conditions remaining weak in these markets, a recovery in dwelling values is likely to be a slow process. The size of the deposit needed and stamp duty were also acting as significant barriers to first home buyers, he said.Lawless said that although growth rates were expected to moderate throughout 2017, the issue of housing affordability was likely to become more pressing, particularly in Sydney, where the dwelling price to income ratio was approaching 8.5 times. Rising prices in Sydney and Melbourne have led to calls for the scrapping of negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions to improved housing affordability. However, physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 the Coalition has repeatedly ruled out making changes, with Malcolm Turnbull recently instead blaming lack of supply on the housing affordability crisis in big capital cities. Turnbull said people particularly on the left tended to overlook that the reason housing affordability has deteriorated is demand has consistently exceeded supply. The federal treasurer, Scott Morrison, recognised housing affordability as a problem in a major speech in October but has so far only canvassed supply-side policies including encouraging states to release more land.